Lectures, Talks and Conferences

December 2019:

"AI fictions and post-images": Artist talk with Piero Bisello, Thomas Depas and Jana J. Haeckel at gallery Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels

December 2019:

Artist talk and Workshop "From Me to We: Reconfiguring Community" with Ilse Ghekiere, Laura Herman, Grace Ndiritu, Staci Bu Shea and Tereza Stejskalová at La Loge Brussels

October 2019:

Screening and Artist Talk with Clemens von Wedemeyer as part of the Perruche program at Cinema Galeries, Brussels

June 2019:

Artist Talk and Exhibition with Eli Cortiñas as part of the Perruche program at Chateau Nour, Brussels

April 2019:

Lecture at the symposium Negotiating the Transcultural Museum, Bolzano (IT)

Performance The four seasons, part 2: "This Little Piggy Ended Up At the Market" with Kjersti G. Andvig and Jurgen Ots,

Place Jeu de Balle, Brussels (BE)

February 2019:

Lecture Performance by Heba Y. Amin as part of the Perruche-Program, Fondation Thalie, Brussels (BE)

November 2018:

Round table talk "Radicals and Reformists: The Future of Work from a Feminist Perspective" at Acud Studio, Berlin (DE)

October 2018:

Lecture on "(Post-)Photography and Ethics" at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle (DE)

Lecture Performance I UTTER OTHER by Slavs and Tatars, as part of the Perruche-programmation at ThalieLab, Brussels

August 2018

"(Un-)Masking Digital Face Culture" --- Lecture at the symposium "The post-photographic image",

as part of the Fotobiennalen 2018 in Copenhagen

July 2018

Artist-Talk with Bianca Baldi as part of the public program Lust For Dust at La Friche, Marseille (FR)


May 2018

Artist-Talk with Julien Creuzet, Hope Recycling Station, Prague as part of the Curatorial Residency at Meetfactory, Prague (CZ)

Lecture "Zwischen Diskurspolitik und Bildverbot: Zum Dilemma kuratorischer Strategien in der Gegenwartskunst",

Conference "Zwischen Deko und Diskurs", Ingelheim (DE)


APR 2018

Artist-Talk with Julien Creuzet and Pedro Oliveira as part of the Perruche-Series, developed for Goethe Institut Brussels


NOV 2017

Picture Presence. New Conceptions of Space and Place in Contemporary Photography, 2- Day Symposium as part of Dirk Braeckman's solo presentation at the Belgian Pavilion of the 57th Venice Bienniale. Conceptualization, organization (with Nicola Setari, Liesbeth Decan and Eva Wittocx) and moderation during the symposium in Venice and M-Museum Leuven

SEP 2017

Artist-Talk with artist Anahita Razmi about her work at Superdeals (Brussels), invited by Goethe Institut Brussels


JUN  2017

NECS Conference SENSIBILITY AND THE SENSES. Media, Bodies, Practices, Paris, Sorbonne Paris/Centre Pompidou:

Lecture & Panel-Conception: “Post-Photographic Faces and Bodies in 3D: Body Politics and the Question of Authenticity in Contemporary Digital Art Practice” (with Roberta Agnese and Marie Auger, UPEC Paris)

MAY 2017

Artist - Talk with Magdalena Kita about her work and exhibition "Californication" at Superdeals Brussels

MAR 2017

Lecture: “Drone Images in Contemporay Art” as part of the Workshop Secret Images (with Daniel Mann, Goldsmith London and Laliv Melamed, Tel Aviv University), ISELP, Brussels

NOV 2016

Lecture Performance - Drone Bomb Me, Theater Cologne


APR 2016

Conference After Post Photography II, European University of St. Petersburg (Russia)

Lecture: “Drone-Art by Omer Fast, Hito Steyerl and Trevor Paglen as Critical Counter-Narrative of Contemporary Visual Culture”

JUL 2015

Participation and presentation of PhD research during the international photo colloquium Erscheinungen der Fotografie – Ein internationales interdisziplinäres Forschungskolloquium, German Documentation Center for Art History, Bildarchiv Foto Marburg

APR 2015

Conference Encounters with Photography - The Urban Body, University of Porto (Portugal)

Lecture: "The Post-Photographic Gaze"


MAY / APR 2015

Workshop Organization and Presentation "Exhibiting Photography" and "The Wandering Image: Presenting and Exhibiting Photography in the Age of Image Circulation" at UC Louvain and University of Hildesheim

MAY 2014

Conference Bodies in between: Corporeality and Visuality from Historical Avant-garde to Social Media, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Lecture: "Performative Identities in Gillian Wearing’s Self Portrait as… Series and Ryan Trecartin’s  Any Ever"

MAY 2014

Conference Performing Protest. Re-Imagening the Good Life in Times of the Crisis, KU Leuven and M-Museum Leuven

Lecture: “Critical Counter-Narratives in Rabih Mroué's The Pixelated Revolution”

APR 2014

Conference Theatre and the Nomadic Subject: A Mobile Train Conference Helsinki to Rovaniemi,

Lecture: "Green Lines of Engagement – Nomadic Figurations and Dialogical Thinking in Francis Alÿs’ Green Line" (with Kristin Flade, Freie University Berlin)

MAR 2014

Organization and Coordination of the international conference Photofilmic Images in Contemporary and Visual Culture

Lecture: “Masquerades and Facelessness in the Age of Digital Surveillance”, WIELS (Brussels)


OCT 2013

Lecture and Organization of the international Symposium Photofilmic Art: Negotiating Fraught Images in Contemporary Public Sphere, UC Louvain, BE

SEP 2012

Presentation of curatorial research and participation at the Documenta 13-Summer School Critical Scenography. The Art Exhibition in the 21st Century, University & Art School Kassel 

AUG 2009

Participation and Paper Presenation "The Stilled Image in Andrei Tarkovski's Andrei Rublev" at EIKONES-Summer School Basel PROJECTING IMAGES in the Seminar "Possesed Pictures and Images. From Magic Icons to Animation in Painting, Photography and Cinema" (chair: Ute Holl and Gloria Meynen )


Seminar "Regarding the Pain of Others. On the Ethics of Images"


Seminar "Me, Myself and I. The Portrait in the The History of Photography"


Seminar "Black Skin, White Masks -- Postcolonial Theory in the Arts", University of Applied Science and Art Dortmund


Seminar "From Camera Obscura to Post-Photography -- Introduction in the History and Theory of Photography",

University of Applied Science and Art Dortmund

SEP 2018

Lecture "Made In Belgium - Introduction in the Belgian Art Scene", LUCA School of Arts Brussels


Seminar "Biennials and Beyond - Exhibitions That Made Art History", University of Applied Science and Art Dortmund


FEB 2018

Lecture "Introduction in Visual Culture Studies: Face and Body in Contemporary Art & Visual Culture", UC Louvain


Seminar "Me , Myself and I - Selfconstruction in Front of the Camera", University of Applied Science and Art Dortmund

Seminar "Introduction in Artistic Research and Essay Writing", LUCA School of Arts Brussels

SEP 2017

Lecture "Made In Belgium - Introduction in the Belgian Art History & Art Scene", LUCA School of Arts Brussels


Seminar "How To See The World - Seeing and Understanding Images", University of Applied Science and Art Dortmund

MAR 2017

Lecture “Curating as Critical Image Practice” (Chair: Felicitas Rhoden, LUCA School of Arts Antwerp)

JAN 2016

Lecture “Contemporary Video Art” (Chair: Prof. Dr. Alexander Streitberger, UC Louvain, BE)

MAY 2015

Lecture “Photography in Contemporary Art” (Chair: Prof. Dr. Alexander Streitberger, UC Louvain, BE)

NOV 2012

"Vom Atelier in den Ausstellungsraum - Selbstständig Handeln in einer facettenreichen Kunstöffentlichkeit",
2-Day Workshop for the empowerment of female artists at University of Arts, Berlin

NOV 2012
Guest-Tutor at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin for the international Artist Studio Program

JUN 2012

Guest lecturer at Freie University Berlin, Master-Seminar: “Sculpture, Room, Expanded Field”

MAY 2012

Guest lecturer Master Seminar “Contemporary Art Practice” at Humboldt University Berlin