Spatial Sublation

WIELS Project Space, Brussels

19 – 27 MAR 2016

With: Philip Janssens, Léa Belooussovitch, Stefano Faoro and Saori Kuno

Philip Janssens, WIELS resident in 2015, invites artists Léa Belooussovitch, Stefano Faoro and Saori Kuno for a playful inquiry around his own artistic practice. The participating artists are each presented by a different guest curator – Godart Bakkers, Jana Johanna Haeckel, Isabel Van Bos and Charlotte Van Buylaere – resulting in four independently organized solo shows in one space.


Although taking place in a traditional “white cube,” the presentations go against the scenographic convention of giving each artwork as much space as possible. It is the curatorial aim to question these hierarchies by playing with the tradition of coherence and chronology. Where one would expect a clear placing or narration, the exhibited works instead begin to haunt each other. They become part of a spatial palimpsest in which each work overlaps and reacts to one another.

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