Species of Spaces

Schneeeule / Berlin Carré

8 - 15 DEC 2012

With: Awst&Walther, Maryna Baranovska, Laure Prouvost, Wilma Renfordt, Sabrina Schieke and Paul Sochacki

The exhibition “Träume von Räumen / Species of Spaces” is an experiment on and with space. The book Species of Spaces (Espèces d'espaces, Paris 1974) by Georges Perec forms its point of departure. Through his own reflections, questions and memories, the French writer confronts the idea of space, whether it is on a page, in the mind, or in reality. The exhibition features work by six different artists who follow Perec's ideas about the various "Spaces" we inhabit in our everyday lives - from our bedrooms, our city blocks, and our neighbourhoods, to our fantasies and the sphere of language.


While Awst & Walther develop a hidden sculptural non-space which invokes the potential of the unknown, Maryna Baranovska’s collages uses the pages of fairytale books to create a mystic inter-media world. Laure Prouvost’s video 'THE ARTIST' abducts the viewer into the space of thoughts and work of the artist. The process of translation is an ongoing concern here, whether that is from French to English, text to image, or film to sculpture. Wilma Renfordt uses the setting of the Berlin Carré as an examination of public space, confronting visitors with their own individual perception. Sabrina Schieke uses the 'real' text of Perec's book as an ongoing, sculptural intervention: The text passages are part of a dedicated project to copy the full book in poster form, to completely cover the walls of her own apartment to create a transformed text corpus. The paintings of Paul Sochacki present humorous, ambiguous spaces and situations. For example his piece ‘6. -7. Dezember 2012’ is a manifestation of a very personal spatial experience: In the night before the opening Sochacki put a white paper under his pillow and slept on it. By using the particular setting of the Berlin Carré as a stage for spatial examinations, the artists create a political 'theatre': In anticipation of the coming close of SCHNEEEULE and many other ateliers and shops in Carré due to renovation works, the exhibition space becomes a sentient example of the ephemeral, endangered working and living space in Berlin.

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