Jana Johanna Haeckel is a German art historian, curator and lecturer based in Brussels. She holds a PhD in history of art and is associated senior researcher at the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre For Photography (KU Leuven/ UCL).

Her written and curatorial work focuses on the critical reflection of visual representation and documentation strategies in (post-) photography. Working at the intersection of art history, visual culture and curatorial studies, a main research interest lies in the deeper understanding of the meaning and effects of images. That includes the ethics of photography, feminist theory and the history of decolonization.

She currently operates as curator and project manager for the Cultural Department of the Goethe-Institut Brussels, where she supervises the international postcolonial project "Everything Passes Except the Past" (2019/2020) and the nomadic art programme Perruche. Apart from her institutional work, she teaches art history and visual culture, currently at the Design Department of University of Applied Science and Art Dortmund (2017-- today) and writes for exhibition catalogues and magazines. She is a member of AICA International.

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Contact: jana.haeckel@gmail.com