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Edited Books and Catalogues

Everything Passes Except the Past. Decolonizing Ethnographic Museums, Film Archives and Public Space, Sternberg Press, London 2021.


Photography Today: Resistant Faces, Exhibition Catalogue Pinakothek der Moderne, Co-ed. with Franziska Kunze, Munich  2020.

Performing the Border, Exhibition catalogue Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Co-ed. with Christiane Krejs and Petra Poelzl, Verlag Für Moderne Kunst, Vienna 2017.


Academic Peer-Reviewed Articles and  Essays (selection)


"Sitting Together", in:  Grace Ndiritu, Pieter Vermeulen (ed.): Being Together. A Manual For Living, KRIEG,Hasselt, 2021, page 55 - 66.

“Den Algorithmus unterwandern. Digitale Maskeraden als aktivistisch motivierte Kunstform der Gegenwart, Art and Technology: A Framework of Unaccomplished Promises, Vol.4, 2019, Online:


“The shadow from above. Vertikale Kontrolle, aerial Kriegsfuehrung und neue Ethiken des Sehens”, in: All Over Magazine, Vol. 13 (October 2017).


"Masks, Drones, and Facelessness – Digital Face Culture in the Work of Hito Steyerl and Ryan Trecartin/Lizzie Fitch“, in: Brianne Cohen and Alexander Streitberger (ed.), The Photofilmic. Entangled Images in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, Lieven Gevaert Series Vol. 21, Leuven University Press, Leuven, 2016,

page 281-296.


“An Aesthetic of Absence. Critical Counter-narratives of Journalistic Story-telling in Eva Leitolf’s Photography”, in: Vol. 16.3, "Photofilmic Art, part 2: Images, displays, spectators", ed. Brianne Cohen and Alexander Streitberger, Online: (2015).

Essays and Reviews in Art Journals (selection)


« Dancing With My Eyes Closed: Archive, Body and Chance in the Work of Dayanita Singh », essay,

Critique d’art, 61 | December 2023, 156-173.


Writing New Captions  – Reappropriating Narratives on the Photographic Representations of the DR Congo, joint review by Lotte Arndt and Jana J. Haeckel, Troubles Dans Les Collections, October 2023.


Essay "Bodies that Glitch: The Black Body and the Digital Archive in Frida Orupabo's

Photographic Work", in: Trigger #3 on Care, page 78-83, online here.


Text on "Julien Creuzet: Art as Poetic of Multiplicity", EIKON #116, page 14-17.

"THE BODY AND THE MACHINE", British Journal of Photography,

Vol. "Humanity & Technology", page 130-38, online: here.


Review on Hito Steyerl at Centre Pompidou Paris, British Journal of Photography, online: here.


Broomberg & Chanarin", in: EIKON – International Magazine For Photography and Media Art, Vol. 114

page 12- 19.

“In Focus: Resistant Faces”, in: EIKON – International Magazine For Photography and Media Art, Vol. 113, page 57-69.

Signal or Noise. The Photographic II, Catalogue Texts on Lynn Hershman

Leeson, Hana Miletic and Seth Price, Exhibition Catalogue SMAK Ghent, Roma
Publications 2019.

Essay “Remembering the Truth. On Pathology of Desire in the Art of Vasco
Araujo”, in: EIKON – International Magazine For Photography and Media Art, Vol
104, November 2018, page 37-41.

“Bianca Baldi – Versipellis”, Mousse Magazine, Online 2018.

“Resist!” – Exhibition-review of the summer of photography at Bozar, in: Monopol.

Magazin für Kunst und Leben, September 2018, page 136-37.

Exhibition review on "Kader Attia: Reparing the Invisible" and
"Christoph Büchel: Verlust der Mitte" at S.M.A.K., EIKON – International
Magazine For Photography and Media Art, Vol.99, 2017, page 66-68.

Essay on “Mary Reid Kelley” and Review on “Helena Almeida at WIELS, Brussels
in monopol – Magazin für Kunst und Leben, November 2016 (print), page 38-44
and 124.

“Identity and Control in Contemporary Video Art ”, EIKON – International
Magazine For Photography and Media Art, Vol. 89, 2016, page 54-57.

Portrait on the art scene in Brussels and exhibition review on DAS INSTITUT,
Serpentine Galleries London, monopol – Magazin für Kunst und Leben, April 2016,
page 116-125 und page 130.

Review “Cities & (Velo)Cities – Photo Biennale in Brussels”, in: Art+Antiques, Vol. 7+8 (2016), 

page 112-113.

Exhibition review and artist portrait of Katja Mater “Fields on a Line” (2014), Le Salon.

Exhibition Text and Interview ”Sean Crossley: Abstract Carbonara”, Exhibition Catalogue, AJM Brussels,


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